Electronic Breadboard Templates

Here is an electronic breadboard template I created. I went looking for an SVG file of a breadboard but the only breadboard template example I found didn't seem to be scaled in such a way as to be useful for actual layout diagrams. This is the horizontal reduced-size thumbnail view of my template:

When printed at actual size the dimensions and layout of the holes on this template should be able to accept actual component leads.


From the original SVG I've also produced a PNG and PDF version, here are all the files:

These variations have Arduino Diecimila connectors on the page also:

There is a full breadboard circuit example on my Learning About Arduino MCP23S08 page—if you're looking for an IC part to use there's a re-usable one in the source SVG file on that page. Here's a thumbnail:

Creating other board layouts

I used Inkscape to create the template—if your board has a slightly different layout (e.g. different power rails) you might want to modify the SVG file. The board is created as a layer with four sub-layers: board outline, holes, power rail indicator markings and a fix to an Inkscape PDF export bug. The fix is required because I use a clipping object in the board design.

The holes on the board are made up of clones of 5 x 5 sets of holes (themselves cloned from a single hole) so you should be able to make larger/smaller layouts relatively simply or even change the hole style.


I guess the simplest thing is to say these breadboard template files are in the Public Domain. If you happen to create any other "actual size" components (like the IC I created) to match I'd appreciate it if you could send them my way. :-)