Learning About Arduino and Nokia LCD

: Description : Interfacing an Arduino with a Nokia LCD device.

: Status : Research

: See also : Learning About Arduino and LCD


Picked up a Nokia 5120A for $NZ1.00 with the intention of re-purposing the graphical LCD by interfacing it with the Arduino.


Arduino specific links

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Additional information for Nokia 2280 LCD

I also now have a Nokia 2280 and am researching the LCD and controller in it. Here's what I've found:

[2280 Service Manual] will give you pin outs and applicable voltages
Volts IO = 1.8v
Volts to power LCD 2.78v

Schematic calls out LCD as DMS03214 but this may be a dead end if it is a nokia reference number.

The controller part is harder if you cannot read it from the device on the LCD assy.

This LCD is 96x65 and also used in Nokia 3510.