Learning About Skannerz Racerz

A recent birthday arrival in the house was a Skannerz Racerz toy. The first arrival was mysteriously followed soon after by a second one :-), seemingly by coincidence in August 2007 they were discounted at the red shed for $NZ9.97 down from $NZ19.56. (In early September 2007 I discovered over-priced Skannerz Racerz online here for $NZ49.99!)

I've been interested in learning a bit about how they work. Much to my surprise the internet let me down and there seemed to be no useful information to be found from searching "skannerz racerz" hack. As a result I thought I'd document what I found.

The benefit of having a second Racerz toy is two-fold:

External views

Here is the view of the front of the device, displaying the menu as it appears when the device is first turned on:

Below is the rear of the unit with the battery cover in place:

The battery cover is imprinted with:

RATING: DC 4.5V === 0.3W



. Step 1 .

Remove the single Phillips-head screw (A) holding the battery cover in place:

. Step 2 .

Remove the battery cover to reveal the battery compartment with space to hold 3 AAA batteries:

Here is the view of the inside of the battery cover:

Nothing too exciting to be seen here—I'll leave you to see what mysteries are behind the two small Phillips-head screws holding the "tabs" in place.

. Step 3 .

Remove the six (6) Phillips-head screws (A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F) that hold the two halves of the device shell together:

. Step 4 .

Before you start to split the two halves of the case ensure the small red transparent filter at the bottom of the barcode scanner handle doesn't fall out and get damaged when you open the shell:

@@ TODO: Add photo of red filter and location here?

. Step 5 .

To split the two halves of the case apart you may need to insert a small flat blade screwdriver or similar object into the seam between the two halves and sliding it gently along the seam.

@@ TODO: Add photo?

I would suggest leaving the device face-down when opening it.

. Step 6 .

Carefully lift the battery compartment half of the case off the screen and button half of the case, twisting slightly anti-clockwise (at least in my unit) to untwist the cables inside. The "wheel" controller, the speaker and the barcode reader electronics will stay attached to the battery compartment half of the case. Note the cable attached to the wheel controller is not long enough to lay the two halves side-by-side unless the wheel controller is unscrewed from the case (untested):

@@ TODO: Add photo.

. Step X .

You will need to unscrew the screw (X) holding the black electrical tape in place.

@@ TODO: Add photo.

@@ TODO: To be continued

Notes so far

   xoscope -1 0 -m 1 -v