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"I have a theory..."

Early this year a thought regarding the future of the Arduino ecosystem occurred to me. From observing the projects of both myself and others it struck me that the next stage in the growth of the Arduino ecosystem could be the movement into high-quality case production for completed projects.

The idea would be to simplify the production of device cases with a "professional" appearance in the same way Arduino simplifies the creation of what could be considered device prototypes.

Because the appearance of a tailor-made case is closely related to the components inside it I envisage the cases would be supplemented by a standard PCB module design. The modules would cover power, micro-controllers, peripherals input and display.

The initial concept would be to focus on "key ring" (e.g. Tamagotchi-style size) and "hand held" (e.g. candy bar phone size) form factors.

The case designs would be distributed as "open source" in a modifiable 3D file format. Initial production could be from 3D printing manufacturing but could be designed with an eye on production methods such as plastic injection molding.

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Tamagotchi (source) | Photo Key Ring (source)

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