Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) Notes

See also: UbuntuNotes7.10

Issue: Lack of development packages after LiveCD install

Compiling with gcc results in error about missing stdio.h file.

Existing related bugs filed: 73259 79418

According to this forum post about Ubuntu LiveCD install issue the package build-essential will install the correct files, but the actual header file is in libc6-dev.

@@ TODO: Add additional information/opinion to launchpad bug entries. (e.g. build-essential is 33MB in size installed and it's on the install CD already and gcc is pretty much useless without it.)

Using Xephyr to run gnome-session over ssh on OS X

From within X11.app (after I installed Xephyr on the Gnome box):

  ssh -XYA <hostname>
  Xephyr :1 -screen 1024x768  &
  # or export DISPLAY=:1
  gnome-session --display=:1

For me the above resulted in a yellow-tinged window and the keyboard map is wrong. To type stuff you'll need to use "System > Preferences > Accessibility > Assistive Technology Preferences > On-screen keyboard > Start" or create a working keyboard map. (I don't think I needed to use xhost but I might have.

@@ TODO: Try this approach to fix the Xephyr keyboard mapping issue.

Issue: ipmasq fails to work with Avahi-provided ip

Symptom is that the interface that has the Avahi-provided ip fails to be found.

The cause is the use of ifconfig to retrieve the interfaces—amongst other things it truncates "eth0:avahi" to "eth0:avah". A variation on this issue can be found http://bugs.debian.org/309389.

A possible solution would be to use ip addr command to show list of available interfaces.

The shorter-term workaround is to either hard-code the appropriate interface name in the A10....def script or use static IPs rather than Avahi-given ones.

@@ TODO: Finish writing up this

Issue: No text is displayed in Wine windows (using X11.app on OS X)

When trying to run any windows program (including winecfg for example) no text or no fonts are visible in dialog boxes or buttons unless the label or control is disabled. (I'm not sure if the fact that the text is visible if it is disabled is the sole unique identifier for this issue or not, but it seems likely.)

This issue tends to get confused with/buried in answers to questions about non-visible fonts due to the absence of/missing font files.

I found a solution for non-visible text on Ubuntu Wine that worked for me. Apparently this is the required registry key setting:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\X11 Driver]

You will need to use regedit from the command line to import a text file containing the above text. e.g.:

regedit settings.txt

The setting is mentioned in a Wine Registry Keys list. Note however that this solution seems to cause font metrics to be re-calculated each session.

Another sympton pointing to this issue is the failure of text to display in multiple versions of Wine even when all required windows fonts seem to be installed.

Copying a file with I/O errors

Don't kid yourself, your drive is about to die—get everything off it and get a new one.

If you want to try to recover (some) of a corrupt file try:

dd if=<inputfilename> of=<outputfilename> conv=noerror,sync

This will cause dd to ignore errors and write zeroes in their place in the output file.

Installing a deb package from a local disk

In order to install a single deb (.deb) package downloaded onto your local drive use the gdebi or gdebi-gtk utility to install it.

Using 1st Generation Mac Formatted (hfs+) iPod Nano (2008-02-18)

I finally got around to trying to use gtkpod to upload some podcasts onto my First Generation 2GB Black iPod nano today. I hadn't bothered before now because it's hfsplus (hfs+) formatted and I had read you needed to reformat to FAT in order to use it under Windows.

It turns out that, by default, it's possible to at least set it up to read files successfully but when you come to write them it fails with a message of the form:

"Error opening '/media/ipod/iPod_Control/Music/F05/gtkpod433002.mp3' for writing (Read-only file system)."

This is odd, because running mount shows that filesystem as being mounted read-write (rw).

After some research I discovered this error message occurs if the iPod is formatted hfs+ with journalling enabled on the device.

Apparently, this can only be turned off (disabling iPod journaling) on a Mac OS X machine, but fortunately the version of diskutil on Mac OS X 10.2.8 can do this. (Why am I doing this if I have a Mac OS X 10.2.8 machine? Because iTunes on it won't recognise the nano.)

I wasn't doing this under a Gnome session so I had to mount it manually.

So, here's what I did (from memory):

# Do this on a Mac OS X machine
sudo diskutil disableJournal /Volumes/<iPodName>

# Do this on Ubuntu
sudo mkdir /media/ipod
sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/sda3 /media/ipod

# Use gtkpod here

# Do this before unplugging the iPod
sudo umount /dev/sda3
eject /dev/sda3

After gtkpod wrote the files (two ~30MB podcasts) to the disk it did sit with "Now writing database. Please wait." in the status bar for maybe a minute but then finished okay.

The MP3 tags for album/name etc seem to be out of order but I don't know if that's due to gtkpod or something else.

These links also helped me:

Now, please excuse me, I need to catch up on 11 episodes of lugradio season 5.