Maemote—the Nokia 770 Bluetooth remote

Turn your Nokia 770 into a Bluetooth remote with Maemote

Now you can easily control specific functions of your desktop or laptop from your Nokia 770 with Maemote.



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More information and Screenshots

Maemote is currently a "technology preview"—it has many rough or non-existant edges—but I hope you'll find it useful in some form and maybe try hacking on some command actions for it.

Here is the initial connection screen on the Nokia 700:

And here on the left we have the initial view of the controller interface and on the right the fullscreen mode—hardware buttons not visible. :-)



If you have some feedback please read the documentation for information on how to contact me.

This release brought to you by bdist_maemo

The Maemo package for Maemote was created with bdist_maemo. If you're wanting to package a Python (or other language?) application for Maemo/Nokia 770 check it out.</pimping>